Mix II

The proportional MIX-II is used where there is a demand for mixing virgin material with regrind. The unit fits the vacuum loader GT1000 and this loader has a special plug for MIX-II, but the valve can also be mounted on other types of loaders if they have a material inlet with a diameter of 38 mm. On request the valve can be equipped with 50 mm pipe inlet.

The intermittence of timer controls how efficient the materials are mixed. The timer on MIX-II has the possibility of shifting 5 timer per 0,5 sec. The best arias will be 0-1 sec and 0-5 sec.

If only virgin material is needed for a short period, you do not have to dismount the mix valve, only to unplug it from control panel or put one of the cylinders on "0".‚Äč