Granulator C6

MGK C6 by Continator is a newly-designed grinding machine intended for setup in connection with injection moulding machines. The special construction makes it occupy very little floor space.

The hopper´s large feed opening ensures that the sprues, that are automatically cut off, easily fall into the granulator. The hopper is eqipped with sound damping. The shape of the hopper makes it very suitable for placing directly by the injection moulding machine. the slow running rotor of the granulator with the directly mounted flywheel ensures a very large capacity with power enough to grind sprues, as well as moulded parts are easily grinded. The special design ensures a very regular grinded material, almost free of dust particles.​


OBS: By the end of 2021, CPM will release a new and improved model for Biodynamic plastic.

The recycling of biodynamic plastic is a complicated process. But CPM's long-standing know-how in granulation ensures the future requirements for recycling, Granulation includes plastic from sugar cane, sugar beet, corn and straw.

Biodymaic plastic is made from bio-based resources (biomass) Made from renewable resources such as sugar beet, sugar cane waste, maize, cellulose, used to make polymers as we know, e.g. bio-PE, bio-PET and bio-PA.