Granulator C4-H (CMI)

MGK-C4 is a new type of granulator which is very powerful constructed, intended for grinding of sprues directly in connection with an injection moulding machine. This granulator is delivered in an A-version with a screwfeeding unit, and in a H-version mounted with a hopper. If it is wished these units can be interchanged by different jobs.

MGK-C4 is mounted with a slowrunning staggered rotor with cassette knives, mounted in scissor cut action. Hereby is ensured a reground material in a very high quality with a minimum of dust content. The large torque of the rotor is ensured by mounting of a solid flywheel, driven by a powerful toothbeltoperation, whereby interruptions are avoid.

This new granulator has a very high output with surprisingly small external measures, as it only occupies a floor space of 600x466 mm. The large robust wheels does that the granulator easily can be moved. The staggered rotor with knives mounted in scissor cut action together with the solig auger house ensures a very low noise level. Whether the granulator is mounted with a hopper or a screw feeding unit, even larger moulded parts can be grinded in the large auger house.

​The highquality knives in HSS mounted, are intended as disposable but with a very long lifetime. New knives are mounted without any adjustment needed. MGK-C4 is cleaned within very short time, without use of any tools.​

Technical specifications

  • Cutterhouse opening: 250x185 mm
  • Speed of rotor: 150 r.p.m. (Alt. 163, 223, 249)
  • Main motor: 2,2 kW - 950 r.p.m.
  • Flywheel weight: 28 kgs
  • Screen size: 4,5 mm (Alt. 3,0 - 3,5 - 4,0 - 5,0 - 5,5 - 6,0 - 8,0)
  • Rotary knives HSS: 12 pcs
  • Fixed knives HSS: 2 pcs
  • Start equipment: Direct on line
  • Safetyswitch: Mechanical type with key
  • Level control: Rotary
  • Capacity max.: 50 kgs/hr
  • El.voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase + 0 and earth (415/220)
  • Catchbox content: 10 litre
  • Suction probe: 38 mm
  • Weight: Net 260 kgs. Gross 290 kgs

El.control: equipped with controllamps for all functions, outlet for additional safetyswitch on screwfeeding section.